Points to Consider Before Hiring Wedding Planners in Bangalore


Wedding planners are a boon to us these days. With so many arrangements to be done, it becomes very difficult to manage things single handedly. Wedding planners come up with innovative Wedding Reception Ideas. These professionals can make the planning and execution of this important event of your life quite hassle free. With a wedding planner in loop, you can stay out of the tension and stress and just enjoy your wedding with your guests and partner. But what if your wedding planner spoils your day by doing things the way you have not expected. This can happen if you make a wrong choice while selecting your planner.  So, here are some essential tips which can help you choose the best planner for your Wedding Reception Bangalore.

Guestsandthe Wedding Date

Unless you know the number of guests who are going to come to attend your reception or wedding ceremony you cannot decide on the marriage hall Bangalore. It is very important to select a good wedding venue before choosing a wedding planner. So, once you know how many invitees would attend your party you may choose the venue as per the space available. The choice of your wedding hall totally depends on the number of guests at your party.

Once you decide on the wedding date, you can find out if your choice of wedding planner is free on that day.



Wedding planner means investment. So, it is very important to decide on the money you consider to spend on the wedding planner of your choice. All the choices starting with the dinner menu to the size of the hall, furniture, etc. depend upon the budget for your wedding. To set your budget you must first decide what kind of planner you want to invest in. Different planners have different levels of services to offer. So, it is best to consult them to find out which planners suits best as per your preferences.

Questions to Ask the Wedding Planner During Consultation

You must be prepared with the important questions that you need to ask the wedding planners so that you do not miss out any important topic and you are left with no doubt about the wedding planner you are going to hire. These questions can be as the following:

  • What is your philosophy about weddings? – every wedding planner have their own philosophies, so it is better to know about them beforehand. While some focus mainly on creating elaborate floral displays, some may offer a unique mandap decoration.
  • Do you have a minimum budget? –this question will clearly give you an idea whether the concerned wedding planner is within your budget.
  • What types of venues do you work in? – it is very different to coordinate a wedding in the local four-star hotel, and arrange for the same on a semi-remote campsite. Therefore, it is good to know if your wedding planner is comfortable working with the Wedding venue Bangalore that you have chosen.